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What is YOUR Ultimate Problem?  DON'T MISS OUT--see the drop-down menu showing  the link UNDER "Solving Our Ultimate Problem" above for more information, please!

Here is a way we Christians can share the gospel with millions (honest).  See this video: 

At Taylorsville Lake State Park (Ky), I gave out about 50 tracts to campers Sunday morning the 19th as they were loading up to leave.  No one rejected them!  Please pray that God will bring fruit to His Kingdom through them.  Thank you!

Food for Thought and Prayer (updated each Monday and Thursday)

There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.  —Samwise Gamgee, The Lord of the Ring

How cool it is that the same God who created mountains and oceans and galaxies looked at you and thought the world needed one of you, too.  —unknown

Pastors, when it comes to team building, your strengths define your role, your weaknesses build your team.  —Tommy Hunter

Love breaks the hold of individualism; it builds new communities out of the ashes of broken and fragmented relationships.  —Edward Welch

There are three things that earthly riches can never do; they can never satisfy divine justice, they can never pacify divine wrath, nor can they ever quiet a guilty conscience. And till these things are done, man is undone.  —Thomas Brooks

A year of your life can never be understood by itself. Every year of your life must be viewed in connection with your whole life here, and with your whole life in the hereafter….  —Abraham Kuyper

The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.  —Bruce Feirstein

Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.  —John D. Rockefeller

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.  —Nathaniel Hawthorne

Most of us go through life worrying people will think too little of us. Paul worried people would think too much of him. —D. A. Carson

Question: In heaven or the new earth (the new age) with Jesus, what is the one thing you will wish you had done MOST in your life?  I submit to you that you focus on doing that one thing.  I further submit to you that Jesus will wish you had focused on searching for, and winning, lost people to faith in Him.  Remember, Jesus said that He--the most important person in the history of the world--that He came to seek and to save the lost.  --Richard Graham

Do not go where it is all fine music & grand talk & beautiful architecture..  Go where the Gospel is preached & go often.  —Charles Spurgeon

Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.  --Winston Churchill

When facing a dominant threat, the most successful underdogs immediately stand up and offer resistance, even if the next step is unknown.

The green pastures of the future can only be reached through determined patience.

Our task is not to bring all the world to Christ, our task is unquestionably to bring Christ to all the world.  —Adoniram Judson (A. J.) Gordon, Baptist minister and founder of the Boston Missionary Training Institute, which became Gordon College and Divinity School.  (died 1895)

Remember, Shadrach, Meshasch, and Abednego.  God didn’t put out the fire.  He just put Jesus in there with them, and they came out without smoke.  It’s not about God stopping all the things that look bad; it’s about who is in there with you.  —unknown

Teens chant during National School Walkout day: “Hey, hey, hey, NRA, how many kids have you killed today?”   “Zero.  Like today and every day.  Now ask Planned Parenthood.” —actor James Woods

The Fairness of God see Ministries above.

Godzfriends is the website for our RV Ministry.  We retired May 1st, 2019, from being Director of Missions and secretary for the Long Beach Harbor Southern Baptist Association in the Long Beach area of SoCal.  The association commissioned us to be RV Missionaries.  

The Difference Between Calvinism and Traditionalism?  See Ministries above.


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My review of "Anyone But Me" by Ray Comfort, released May 5th

Richard Graham’s Review of “Anyone But Me” by Ray Comfort 

Picture a majestic sailing ship in the harbor, beautiful to see, and a heart-thrill to any sailor. But it’s sitting still, barely drifting with the tide. It should be driving swiftly through the waves, covering miles at maximum knots. What’s wrong? Simple. The captain failed to give the command to unfurl and hoist the sails!

If that’s the status of your witnessing efforts, “Anyone But Me,” by Ray Comfort is for you. Comfort draws from the love of his heart for God and for lost, hell-bound people to write a rapid-fire, Spirit-led call to share the Law and the Gospel with the lost around us. And he calls us to unfurl and hoist what I picture as ten sails, that the Holy Spirit will fill to move us out of our lazy harbors of complacency into the oceans of darkness of our world.

These ten sails are the ten chapters of his book. This book is challenging to read, but each chapter clearly shows that this, this witnessing, is doable by any believer of Jesus!

I urge you to order, on or after May 5th, this new addition to Ray’s over 90 books, all designed to equip Christians and the church to obey the Great Commission!

Disclaimer: I received a digital copy of this book to review and give my opinion before its May 5th scheduled publication. No compensation was involved.


Are you too small?

Who are you to NOT be great?  The world is not served by you staying small.  Seek to be great.  Read John 14:12-21 for details.


If so, click on Solving Our Ultimate Problem above for more information on becoming a friend and follower of Jesus Christ.  Thanks!

Sources for interesting Gospel tracts to give away

If you would like to purchase the Gospel tracts to give away, that we do, consider the following sources, by googling them:

Living Waters

Gospel Tract Planet

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