The Warren Buffett Analogy, or why people in hell will call themselves fools.

by Richard Graham, April 17, 2016.  All rights reserved. (c) 2016

    Suppose Warren Buffett came to you (you didn’t know that he even knew you existed), and told you that he has a proposal for you.  He tells you that he is creating a charity, and he wants you to be its CEO.  In addition to managing and directing millions of dollars to accomplish massive amounts of good, and making you a name in various circles of influence, you will earn an adequate income for you and your family.  He tells you that he is ready to fully equip and train you to be able to accomplish all the CEO tasks and requirements in the three necessary areas: competence as to skills and abilities, chemistry as to you working exceptionally well with people, and in character, since contributors to the charity, partners and workers within the charity, and the recipients of the charity’s benevolence will need to be able to trust you completely in all your actions and decisions.  Mr. Buffett stresses that all three aspects are important, since both you and the charity will carry his name, and any problems will not only reflect poorly on him, but will hamper people’s trust of  him, as well as give his enemies ammunition and power to attack both him and you.

    You are thrilled with this opportunity.  It matches your personality, skills and abilities, and your interests to a T!  However, there is one character issue that you know you have, and that you realize Mr. Buffett will no doubt discover as he does the normal vetting and background checks: you have the habit of viewing porn every weekend, not much in your estimation, just an hour or two a week.  Since you know he will discover this anyway, you tell him about it, hoping he will overlook it.

    Mr. Buffett replies that he is not surprised, since he knows that a majority of men, and a large number of women view porn on a regular basis.  He then says that, if you are unwilling to give up this practice, including having an accountability system in place to verify you’ve left it behind, this practice of yours is a deal-breaker.  He will be unable to put you in the CEO position that he has planned for you.  He tells you that the charity which he is creating will be giving large sums of money and personnel to organizations, both secular and non-profit, who are working to set free the men and women who are emotionally, mentally, and physically enslaved by the multi-billion dollar porn industry.  No one in his charity can be using or in any way supporting the porn industry.  In addition, Buffett himself refuses to have anyone in his organizations connected to it.  He will not let his name be connected to the porn industry through the people he hires, trains, and puts into important positions.

    So he looks at you and asks, “Are you willing to let me enable you to give up this porn-viewing, so you can be my CEO?”

    What is your answer?

    This is what God through Jesus’ death and resurrection says to us.  “Will you let me enable you to be the person that I created you to be--holy, forgiven, cleansed, made righteous with the righteousness of Jesus, and made My child, an heir and co-heir with My Son Jesus Christ?  Will you give up your sin by My power?”

    God and Jesus have already done all that is necessary to make this happen.  All that is now needed is our consent to Him, our “Yes, Lord.”

    Will you say, “Yes, Lord,” to Him?

    This analogy is also why Christians in heaven will regret not being fully sold out to God in our lives on earth.