2nd Quarter RV Ministry Report with Pix

2nd Quarter 2022 RV Ministry Report (April to June)
We have had three months of changes, most of which we did not expect. We

had planned to set out again on our RV travels in August, and continue to October or November. But as I said in our last report, our RV refrigerator went out, and we will have to replace it before we can travel again. Then the gas prices began to go up and up and up. Our local gas, as did almost everywhere else in the country, increased by 33% to 45%. Ouch! We are taking this development as an indication from the Lord to stay here in Louisville for the foreseeable future. But there are blessings as to that. We are continuing to enjoy a home of our own again, to enjoy the blessings of having a church home again, and to build relationships both in the church and in our neighborhood. We still look forward to traveling again, and sharing the Gospel with people in RV campgrounds in the states which we have yet to visit. But for the time being, we believe the Lord would have us put those plans on hold. Please keep us in prayer about that. We want to do the Lord’s will, whatever that is.

A great blessing is that our pastor asked me to teach a witness training class, along with two other men, who are teaching in the areas of faith and discipleship. I have greatly enjoyed teaching about 30 people in how to witness to Jesus. I have taught them how to use tracts, simple testimonies, and am halfway through Share Jesus Without Fear training. The rest of this month (July), I will teach them how to use The Way of the Master method. This last, if used in a tender fashion, can be one of the most effective ways to share the Gospel that I have seen.

If anyone reading this would like some witness training, contact your pastor, and see if he would like me to train you, or others in your church. We can do this by Zoom or Facetime. Most of this training is very simple, and always useful to any believer! We believers are called to sow the Gospel seed with everyone we meet, and if a person is already a believer, I can show you how to help that person share the Gospel, too! Just let me know.

I have set up an office of sorts in our basement, and am working on various writing projects that I have had in mind for some years. This is very enjoyable. Lane is setting up crafts in her craft room, and woodworking tools in our garage.

Last quarter I asked you to pray for a young wife and mother of four children, who attends our church. She has stage 4 cancer. She is doing much better, and we are continuing to pray for her healing! Thank you for your prayers! Please pray also for our church’s mission team, who are right now in Alaska, near Anchorage. Thank you.

On Good Friday, April 15th, we went to our church's Good Friday service, very good. Oh, the sacrifice that God made to save us from our sins! On way home, we barely missed being in a two car accident in which two people were killed. They were literally lying in the street. Their car turned left in front of oncoming traffic, and they were ejected from their car. The two people in the other car went to a hospital in critical condition. So QUICK we can go into eternity. Will we be ready to stand before the Lord? I hope that the four people involved are all saved, but we have no way of knowing. So quickly those two people passed from life to death!

On Easter Sunday, the 17th, Lane and I went to the early Easter service, where I served by being a greeter at one of the doors. Good service. Our church had over 1,000 in the two services (no Sunday School today). Praise the Lord for that!

Lane and I repainted our kitchen, and redid the flooring there. We were getting tired of the orange patterned, fuzzy, 1950s wallpaper and the green linoleum! We also visit our parents in Frankfort and Greenville, KY, from time to time.

I ordered 244 free copies of the Solving the God Puzzle book from Living Waters Publications. I am giving these to the class, and to lost people as we share the Gospel. I am also sharing gospels of John from the Pocket Testament League. I also use Living Waters tracts, over 200 Smartphone tracts, 200 $1M Bill tracts, 200 Fully Free Films tracts, and 200 101 One Liners tracts. Go to livingwaters.org to see the variety of low cost tracts that you can easily use in Kingdom work.

On the 24th, we rejoiced in the reversal of the murderous Roe v. Wade decision of 1973. Praise the Lord. While many states will still legalize this terrible killing of the unborn, at least many states will not. Please pray for the leadership of our country, to either repent of being pro-choice or be removed by God and replaced with pro-life leaders! Since the Roe v Wade decision in 1973, over 63 million children have been murdered in our nation. I fear for our country, because God is just.

During the week of June 25th, we rented an Airbnb with our oldest son and his family in Cocoa Beach, FL. We had fun with he and his wife, and their two girls!

In the past three months, we gave away 275 tracts, 25 pieces of jewelry that Lane had made, 30 gospels of John, 25 business cards, and we taught over 30 believers how to use tracts, simple testimonies, and the Share Jesus Without Fear witnessing method. This last is a phone app, by the way.

A riddle: can you name the one word that most people hate to hear, but that people in hell wish they could hear just one more time? (tneper)
Thank you for your prayers! We greatly appreciate them! Below is a pix of our home.