April to June 2020 RV Ministry Report

April-June 2020 RV Ministry Report


    Because of the virus, we had to stay far beyond the projected month in the private RV Campground in central Florida.  We got here March 12th.  We are now scheduled to leave this Sunday, July 12th.  The camp is Florida Camp Inn, with about 500 spots, about 75% have mobile homes, RVs, or campers on them.  About one-third are occupied.  Some people stay here year round, some for the winter months (snowbirders), and some come and go.  About 60% are retired, the rest work somewhere, although many are laid off because of the virus.


    Almost everything at the campground was closed down, the pool, Wifi room, fellowship hall, game areas, etc.  One older couple has a kind of sing, with about 5-6 people attending.  These were bar songs being sung.  I tried to build relationships there, but hearts are hard with them.


    Our middle child, our son, is here with us.  He had hoped to find work, but the virus has closed so much entertainment and other work places that it has been impossible, even though he has consistently put in online applications, often three to four a day.  Unemployment in Florida is very high.  Our oldest and his family are in Louisville, doing well with his two daughters and his wife, and his work.  Our youngest, our daughter, is working at a good job in SoCal, and doing well.  We talk with all of them on a regular basis.  Our parents are in Kentucky, and keeping secluded.


    We had hoped to see much of Florida, but almost everything is shut down, or was until about the first of July.  So we were disappointed about that.  The most we have been able to do is strike up conversations with various people in the campground, give them tracts, our business cards, and gospels of John.  We were able to start a Bible study with a family and one or two others at our campsite.  That continued for about eight weeks.  Best of all we were able to lead one of their twelve year old sons to the Lord!  Please pray for this family.  We are encouraging them to get involved in a local church, perhaps even a SBC one.  All together, we were able to witness to about a half-dozen people in all.  Not much fruit, but we trust the Lord will take the seed planted, and bring more fruit from it.


    From here we will go to Kentucky to see family.  Social distancing will keep us from hugging anyone, and that hurts, since we especially would like to hug our two granddaughters!


    Please keeps us in your prayers.  We continue to give away tracts, business cards, and gospels of John wherever we go.

Richard and Lane Graham

RV Missionaries