Christmas 2019 RV Ministry Report

Merry Christmas!  And a Happy and Blessed New Year of 2020!

    First, an apology.  I had planned to send a report of our work and ministry every month, or at least every two months, but as you know, I did not do that.  I broke my left collarbone in Maine, and several family members have been sick, including Lane’s (Marian) father, Melvin, who has been in the hospital two times in the last four months, and Lane, who has had bronchitis.  So I’m sorry that this is the first report in a while, and it will be a short one.  I hope to make another one the end of January 2020.

Ministry Sites: RV Campgrounds and Cities/Towns since May, 2019

    Taylorsville Lake State Park, Kentucky     Andrew Jackson State Park, SC

    Landsford Canal SP, South Carolina    Mytle Beach State Park, South Carolina    

    Colleton State Park, South Carolina    Charleston (city), South Carolina

    Baker Creek State Park, SC        Lake Hartwell State Park, SC

    Mammoth Cave National Park, KY    Corfu Flying J, Corfu (town), New York

    Four Seasons RV Park, Naples, Maine    Naples (town), Maine

    Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, ME    I-81 Rest Area, Mountain Top, PA

    Front Royal (town), VA        Shenandoah River State Park, Bentonville, VA

    Cedars of Lebanon State Park, TN    Bledsoe Creek State Park, TN

“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”  Every tract, business card, and Gospel of John given out is another 'candle lit’ to bring people out of the darkness of sin.  We encourage everyone to be Christians who give out tracts and Gospels of John, and so light their own Gospel “candles” to lead people to Christ!

Tracts, Business Cards, and Gospels of John given out at shops, towns and campgrounds: over 400.  

We placed our stamp on all of the tracts and Gospels, so people can follow up by going to the website.  By end of the seven months (May through December), we have had 45 hits (to date) on the Gospel website page, that is called “Solving Our Ultimate Problem.”  This explains the Gospel through the Share Jesus Without Fear process.  Please pray for everyone who reads that page.

    We also share tracts in stores and restaurants.  No one has been offended by the tracts, cards, and Gospels of John.  In fact, practically everyone has seemed surprised and/or grateful for the gifts of them.  In addition, Lane created jewelry to give to the ladies, along with our cards.  She also is thinking about other small gifts to give away, as we meet people in the parks and other places.  We put a silhouette of our website address on the back of our cargo trailer—  We hope people will check it out, who see it as we travel.  We also have a license frame on our trailer.  This lists John 14:12-21 and says, “Who Are You To Not Be Great.”

We are praying about the next state to visit, possibly Tennessee.  They have a 50% discount for senior citizens staying in their RV campgrounds during the winter months, which really helps with the budget needs.  We discovered that, in the winter, Florida has fairly expensive RV sites, often $50 or more a night.  So we will probably wait on visiting that state’s campgrounds till later.

Right now, mid December, we are visiting our families—Lane’s in Frankfort, KY, and mine in western Kentucky and middle Tennessee.  My mother just turned 89 on December 22nd, and we were able to visit with most of my family to help her celebrate it a little early, so others could join it.

The friendliness of people wherever we go, and the openness to talking about spiritual matters, has proven to us what we believed from the start: it is far easier to share Jesus, His Gospel, and His Kingdom, than most Christians have been tricked into thinking!  People, lost and saved, are very open to talking about Him!

We usually begin by showing real interest in them, asking questions such as:

  • From where do they come,
  • livelihoods and retirements, 
  • their families, 
  • plans on where next they will visit in their RVs, 
  • former jobs, etc.  

This is easy to do, since people are the most fascinating things that God ever created!

From there it is easy to share that we are RV missionaries, and offer a tract, business card, and/or Gospel of John, asking as we do so, “Did you get one of these?”  We, to date, have not had a single person refuse to take the item offered.  In addition, the ladies love the jewelry, with our business card attached.  They are thrilled at the gift.

Talking about Jesus and the Gospel are just the beginning of what we hope to see happen.  We also want to find Christians, who will also do what we do: share Jesus through tracts, Gospels, etc.  We can easily train them in the methods we are using to be obedient Christians who share Jesus and His love.  Any believer can do this, whether or not they are traveling, or living in homes, etc.  What about you?

Please continue to pray for us, and especially the people with whom we talk and share.  We know we are planting Gospel seeds, and we love it.  God bless.

PS: if you do not wish to get these reports, just respond with ‘please remove my email address.’  We don’t want to spam anyone.  Thanks.