Feb - March 2020 RV Ministry Report

February-March 2020 RV Ministry Report


    Through stiff winds, very cold temps, and now the virus, we have come through two months.  At the end of January, we were in Tennessee, made a couple of trips to Kentucky, both to Lane’s parents in Frankfort and my mother in Greenville.  We also got to see our son, his wife, and our two beautiful granddaughters in Louisville.


    We stayed quite a bit in Cedars of Lebanon State Park, which enabled us to save some money, since their nightly fee was 50% off of regular.  Both daytime and nighttime temps were so cold (down to teens at night), very few people were out and about.  We talked to as many people as possible, and shared business cards and tracts with several people.


    Then we went to two parks in Georgia, as we made our way down to Florida.  We stayed in Lake Louisa State Park, west of Orlando for two weeks, then in a private RV park in Clermont for 12 days, then another private RV park near Davenport, FL, planning to stay a month.  We had planned to move to a state park for two weeks near Sanibel Island, FL, after the month, but then the virus, with all the restrictions, closings, and fear, made itself know.


    So we are now reserved in this private RV park for a full two months, and looks likely that we will stay longer, perhaps until the first of August.  All Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and many other state parks are closed until further notice.  All the entertainment and tourist sites in Florida are completely closed as well.  Even the wifi room and the park pool in this park are closed until further notice.  At least we can walk around, and talked to people a little!  


    The chapel here has been closed, as well as all game groups.  The only group still meeting is a country/bar-type music group that meets at a couple’s RV bus.  So I have been going to this group, trying to build relationships.  No chance to speak at it.  But I have been able to talk one on one to three people, including one person I shared the Gospel with this morning (April 4).  But hearts are hard.  I had hoped to speak at the park’s weekly chapel and/or Bible study, as the Sunday just after we arrived here was the speaker’s last Sunday.  The leadership group was interested, but then the park manager/host closed all meetings of all groups (except the one music group, which is a private one).


    I have put a sign we had made in CA on the front of the RV, which simply asks, “Need Prayer???”  I’m praying that the Lord will use that to encourage someone to ask for prayer.  Lane and I have prayed with a few people who found out we are RV Missionaries.


    We have been praying about God opening doors, and so we watch to see what He will do in that regard.  I am doing some writing, and have been put on a large group which will review Ray Comfort’s new book.  If you are my FB friend, you should have gotten an invitation to that group.


    All our families are doing well, and secluded.  Only our oldest son is working away from home, at least for now.


    Please continue to keep us in your prayers.  We also pray for all the LBHA churches, pastors, and leadership.  We have talked with some of you, and know of the closings that you are experiencing as well.  I hope you realize that this is a great time to train ourselves to be witnesses and disciple-makers!  Think of this as the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness, preparing for His coming ministry.  We think of all of you often.  We have a great peace that we are exactly where He wants us to be, and that is very reassuring!  God is good.


Richard and Lane Graham