January 2020 RV Ministry Report

RV Missionary: Richard Graham

January 2020 RV Ministry Report

January 2020 has been a slow month of ministry.  We stayed most of the month at Cedars of Lebanon State Park, near Lebanon, Tennessee, where the site rate is half of normal rates.  This has enabled us to save some money for the future.

We have given out about 50 Tracts, Business Cards, and Gospels of John at shops, towns, and this campground.  We’ve never had a single one refused, which is encouraging.  Most are interested in what a RV missionary does.

We have had several spiritual conversations, which we pray will result in people seeking the Lord in their lives.  People have been in this campground from the surrounding middle Tennessee area, but also from Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Kentucky.

We went back to Frankfort, Kentucky, on the 12th to celebrate Melvin Riley’s birthday on the 13th.  He is Lane’s father, and he celebrated his 88th birthday.  This was the first time in 15 years that we have been able to do that, due to our being in California.

When talking with people, we begin by showing interest in them, with questions such as:

  • From where do they come,
  • livelihoods and retirements, 
  • their families, (and most have dogs)
  • plans on where next they will visit in their RVs, 
  • former jobs, etc.  

From there it is easy to share that we are RV missionaries, and offer a tract, business card, and/or Gospel of John, asking as we do so, “Did you get one of these?”  We have not had a single person refuse to take the item offered.  In addition, the ladies love the jewelry that Lane makes, with our business card attached.  They are thrilled at the gift.

We are looking at places in Florida, trying to find some economical ones.  We have also made reservations to attend a Ying Kai T4T Training Conference in Anderson, SC, March 27-28.  T4T is the method I tried to get our LBHA churches to use, but with poor results.  Elsewhere it has been blessed greatly by the Lord.

PS: Next report planned for the end of February.  If you do not wish to get these reports, just respond with ‘please remove my email address.’  We don’t want to spam anyone.  Thanks.

Richard and Lane Graham, RV Missionaries


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