July to Sept 2020 RV Ministry Report

July-September 2020 RV Ministry Report


Places we’ve stayed from July through October 4th:


Florida Camp Inn, Davenport, Florida.  Because of the virus, we were shutdown for four months from March to the 12th of July.  While there we share the Gospel through tracts, gospels of John, a Bible study at our campsite, and some Gospel conversations.  We led a twelve year-old preteen to Christ, and encouraged his family to get involved in a local church.  We have kept in touch with them, and after we left, they did do that.


High Falls RV Park, north of Macon, Georgia.  Shared some tracts with camp host, only there one night.


Taylorsville Lake State Park, outside of Louisville, Kentucky.  Did some counseling with some campers there, related to the Brionna Taylor tragedy in Louisville—some deep hurts with first responders.  Over three weeks, and especially over the weekends when the campsites filled up, we shared about 150 tracts, business cards, and gospels of John with the campers there.  God blessed us with good relationships with the camp staff there, especially the staffer running the campground office.  (When there, we can visit our son Matt and his family in Louisville, and Lane’s parents in Frankfort.)


Clifty Falls State Park, Madison, Indiana, shared many tracts there.  Beautiful woods and four waterfalls, especially if it has rained.  No internet or cell service though, as a large radio tower in the park blocks signals.  Overlook over the Ohio River, large lodge.


Charlestown State Park, Charlestown, Indiana, shared many tracts there, and with local motor scooter mechanics who worked on our scooters.  Part of this park used to be a large ammunitions plant during the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, parts of it still off limits to anyone.  Located on the Ohio River, only 20 miles from Louisville.


Lake Malone State Park, outside of Greenville, Kentucky, where we shared our tracts with campers and staffers.  As a side note, we saw 20 deer at one time grazing in the large field next to the campground!  Saw easily from five to a dozen at other times!  They were cautious, but not really afraid of us.  Beautiful park and lake.


Auburn city RV Park, Auburn, Kentucky.  Apparently a brand new park for the city; we were the only ones there.  Gave some tracts to restaurant waitstaff.


Boondocked at Mammoth Cave National Park, outside of Bowling Green, Kentucky (they do not have electric or water hookups).  Gave tracts to campers.  Talked to veteran family from San Diego, as well as several other campers.  Number of cave tours have been cut from 20 possible tours to one, which is the popular Historic Tour!  No cell service or internet connections there.


Boondocked twice at my mother’s house in Greenville, Kentucky, once coming up from Florida and once before going to Lake Malone State Park.  She is secluding herself, and hasn’t been outside her home since March 9th.  The same is true of Lane’s parents in Frankfort, Ky.  When visiting them, we have to stay distanced from them, of course.


Three couples have sent us some funds, and we greatly appreciate the love.  We have been content with our funds, as God has met all our needs as full-time RVers.  It has been very interesting, in that, it seems like our funds ‘stretch’ at times!  Fun.  Of course, we don’t have a lot of expenses—campsite fees, gas, food, incidentals.  Barring a major expense of repairs or such, our needs are met.


We’ve been able to visit our families a few times, although having to social distance and wear masks when we do.  It really hurts to not be able to hug our two little granddaughters!  They are six and almost two.


We have had multiple opportunities at parks to share the Gospel.  We have been a little surprised that, with some people, when they discover we are ministers, they begin to share freely their hurts and concerns, almost desperately.  As a result, we have also been able to do some counseling with hurting people.


Lane has continued to give the jewelry she makes to the ladies we meet in the campgrounds.  They are always delighted!  We include tracts and cards with those.  We have continued to give tracts to waitstaff, clerks, etc., whenever we are in restaurants, gas stations, and stores.


We plan, for the next three months, to stay within a two-days travel range of Kentucky, so we can celebrate birthdays and holidays with our families.  For fifteen years in California, we could only see them once in the summer and once at Christmas, the only times we could fly back to Kentucky.  We missed so many birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, which most people share with family.  But that is part of being associational and NAMB missionaries.  So now we are making up for many of those.  


Please continue to pray for our two sons, daughter, daughter-in-law, and two grand-daughters.  They are doing well.


Please keeps us in your prayers.  We continue to give away tracts, business cards, jewelry, and gospels of John wherever we go.  


Remember, any Christian can do this kind of witnessing!  Giving your testimony, giving Gospel tracts and gospels of John, sharing the Law and the Gospel are simple ways of telling people about Jesus.  Most of all, we are commanded to do this!  Be faithful, and share Jesus!  Don’t be afraid!  People are open to you sharing with them!  We have given hundreds of tracts since we retired to being RV missionaries, and have had only two or three people decline them.  The same will be true for you!


You can keep up with us by visiting our website (see below).


Richard and Lane Graham, RV Missionaries, www.godzfriends.net