May to Oct 9 RV Ministries Report

RV Ministry Report and Prayer Requests for May through October 7th, 2019; from Richard and Lane Graham, RV Missionaries


Ministry Sites: RV Campgrounds and Cities/Towns

    Taylorsville Lake State Park, Kentucky     Andrew Jackson State Park, SC

    Landsford Canal SP, South Carolina    Mytle Beach State Park, South Carolina    

    Colleton State Park, South Carolina    Charleston (city), South Carolina

    Baker Creek State Park, SC        Lake Hartwell State Park, SC

    Mammoth Cave National Park, KY    Corfu Flying J, Corfu (town), New York

    Four Seasons RV Park, Naples, Maine    Naples (town), Maine

    Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, ME    I-81 Rest Area, Mountain Top, PA

    Front Royal (town), VA        Shenandoah River State Park, Bentonville, VA


“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”  Every tract, business card, and Gospel of John given out is another candle lit to bring people out of the darkness of sin.  We encourage everyone to be Christians who give out tracts and Gospels of John, and so light Gospel “candles” to lead people to Christ!


Tracts, Business Cards, and Gospels of John given out: over 300.  We placed our stamp on all of the tracts and Gospels, so people can follow up by going to the website.  By end of the five plus months, we have had over 30 hits on the website page that explains the Gospel through the Share Jesus Without Fear process.  Please pray for everyone who reads that page.

    We share tracts in stores and restaurants where we shop and eat.  No one has been offended by the tracts, cards, and Gospels of John.  In fact, practically everyone has seemed surprised and/or grateful for the gifts of them.  In addition, Lane developed jewelry gifts to give to the ladies, along with our cards.  She also made some plans for some other small gifts to give away as we meet people in the parks and other places.  We also put a silhouette of our website address on the back of our cargo trailer—  We hope people who see it as we travel will check it out.


Other Notes

    Four serious Gospel conversations, J in South Carolina, R & A—a couple in Kentucky, B#1 in New York state, and B#2 in Virginia.  Please pray for each of these!

    Please pray for us, our family, our parents, as we travel.  Pray for safe travels, and for open doors to proclaim Jesus as we meet various people.

    While at Andrew Jackson State Park near Sun City, South Carolina, we visited with Steve and Karen Shockley, who were church planters for a time in SoCal.  They took us to the Billy Graham Library across the border in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    While on the Mammoth Cave tour bus, Richard met a couple and their adult daughter from China.  I shared with them how our daughter had been a student in their country, and gave them our card.  Please pray they will visit the website.

    Richard broke his collarbone in Naples in a fall; it’s healing nicely.


    Richard and Lane Graham, RV Missionaries, 6661 Dixie Hwy., Ste. 4, #134, Louisville, Kentucky 40258.