Oct to Dec 2020 RV Ministry Report

October-December 2020 RV Ministry Report

Happy New Year!  May the Lord bless you in 2021!  We stayed close to our families during the fall for birthdays and holidays from October through December.  Attendance in parks has dropped with the cold weather.  We shared with park staff, park campers, store clerks, and restaurant staff, and still gave over 200 tracts in the three months.

Taylorsville Lake State Park, near Louisville, Kentucky.  It was amazing to us at Halloween that campers went all out with inflated characters and other ‘scary’ decorations.  Living Waters has Halloween tracts that I wished I had purchased before coming here.  The people with decorations would have enjoyed getting them.

Clifty Falls State Park, Madison, Indiana.  The first of two nights there we were the only campers in the park!  Very cold and it snowed.  But we shared 8-9 tracts with a few campers who came there the second night.

Charlestown State Park, Charlestown, Indiana.  We stayed about several weeks there, in three visits.  Shared tracts with about 120 campers in those weeks.

We boondocked once at my mother’s house, Greenville, Kentucky.  We were able to share my mother’s 90th birthday on December 22nd.  My brother, two sisters, one sister’s husband, (my other b-in-law has health issues), our second son, our daughter from CA, and a niece were there.  We also celebrated Lane’s mother’s 89th birthday on Oct. 13th, and Thanksgiving and Christmas with her parents, with distancing.  We were able to celebrate our granddaughter Sadie’s second birthday on Nov. 1st, which was a joy, along with our oldest son Matt and his wife Amanda, and their two girls, granddaughters Bailey and Sadie.

We are at Cedars of Lebanon SP in Tennessee January 3-5, and plan to travel on the 5th down the Natchez Trace Parkway through Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi to Natchez, Mississippi.  From there we plan to travel across southern parts of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, and through the panhandle of Florida.

Please keeps us in your prayers.  We continue to witness and give away tracts, business cards, jewelry, and gospels of John wherever we go.  People from Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin, and Michigan have now gotten them.  I also shared with people on Facebook. Praise the Lord, we are healthy.

Remember, don’t be afraid!  People are open to you sharing with them!  We have given hundreds of tracts since we retired, and only two or three people have declined them.

Even more important, every time you share the Gospel in some way, even with a tract, the Holy Spirit will be saying, “Yes!  Seed planted!  Something for Me to work with!”

You can visit our website below.  It also has our mailing address in Louisville. God bless.

Richard and Lane Graham, RV Missionaries, www.godzfriends.net